Horticulture Happenings: Working on 2012 Sweet Potato Report

As work has slowed down in the field, we are compiling our notes from the growing season and preparing to write reports on this year’s projects. One report under way is the 2012 Sweet Potato Variety Trial. The report will be published and available on our website in 2013, but I’ll go ahead and share some of our findings.


The top yielder in our trial of 12 sweet potato varieties was Beauregard, which was not a huge surprise. Beauregard is a commercial variety that is grown for its heavy yield. We grew this variety in the trial to see how our heirloom varieties compared. The heirlooms were not far behind. After Beauregard, the next four highest-yielding varieties were as follows:


1. Cordner’s Red


2. Molokai Purple


3. Alabama Purple


4. Resisto

We also performed a taste test and came up with a list of our favorite tasting sweet potatoes. The three sweet potatoes that we think taste the best out of the 12 varieties grown this year are the following:

  1. Resisto
  2. Allgold
  3. Beauregard


Keep an eye on our website to catch the 2012 Sweet Potato Variety Trail report when it is published. In the mean time, you can read about our results from the 2011 Sweet Potato Trial.

I hope you had a successful growing season.

Luke Freeman, Horticulture Program Assistant


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